The Mentoring Program is set up to give a personalised guide to the Miss.Africa trainees with the aim of inspiring the ladies to learn more about technology and the internet; demystify their perceptions of technology; give them a feel of what happens in the marketplace; and also to help them develop as all rounded ladies.

We get the mentors profiles and we create matches with the Miss.Africa and connect them via email. The mentor and mentee independently arrange an initial conversation where they can get to decide on the days to meet and what they will be talking about during their meetings. The mentor will be given a guideline to facilitate their mentoring experience. Following their conversation, they are free to build a relationship as they choose and it isadvised that they set their goals for their interaction during their first meeting.

A mentor can have up to 3 mentees, after their assessment of their first mentor-mentee relationship is a success, at a time and the mentor is required to interact with them as often as is convenient for both of them but at least once a month. We will also assess the mentor-mentee progress every two months to ensure that both the mentor and the mentee are interacting optimally and growing from the mentoring program. The mentor benefits from this in that they will be in a position to

Those eligible to become mentors are people working in the I.T sector.

If you would like to mentor a Miss.Africa, kindly send us an email to: support[at]