Celebrating Women’s History Month! Salutations from!

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Once again it is in this month, the Women’s History Month that also features the International Women’s day of March 8; that we get to celebrate the incredible achievements of women all over the world in their own wonderful way.  Read our IWD2018 Message

In the spirit of celebration, we also do take a moment to appreciate your hand in our success. Thank You!
In 2017 we had reached many heights in our impactful work.   Most of all, your support enabled us to achieve the level of recognition where the Miss.Africa Digital, a Pan-African programme has been named as a finalist for the ITU/UN – Equals inTech Awards, which took place in Geneva, Switzerland.  Read the full post here

Also, click below Video to watch the  EQUALS in Tech 2017 Awards Finalist: Miss.Africa Digital    

There were 293 participants from 72 countries for the EQUALS in Tech Awards.  From these,15 finalists including our Miss.Africa digital, a Pan-African programme to promote digital skills for women across the continent  were selected representing the most innovative and inspiring initiatives that have realized significant results in working to bridge the digital gender divide as well as bring digital tech opportunities. Miss.Africa Digital was the only African organization to be named a finalist in the SKILLS category for theEquals in Tech Awards. 2018 promises even more wonderful news as we #PowerYourInnovationAs we start the new year 2018,  the growth, success and recognition our Miss.Africa program towards which you have supported, continues to receive calls and recognition again throughout Africa and around the globe.   Such call to duty is truly encouraging and pushes us to keep striving to do our best!.    On behalf of DCA Group and myself,  Thank You  for Inspiring Women’s History Month , March 2018 

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