Statements from Miss.Africa Seed Fund Winners

The DCA Trust, Miss.Africa Digital Seed Fund has thus far benefited 12 organizations in Africa, here are statements from the winners
KampaBits, Uganda:  (Winner of the 2019 Miss.Africa Digital Grand Seed Fund Prize)

“We are extremely honored to emerge as winners of the prestigious Miss Africa Digital Seed fund grant 2019. Winning this grant is one big step that has opened doors for us to be part of something great as well as positively impact the girl child in the technology field.

We are going to use this grant to increase on our capacity thus accommodating and facilitating more girls in our technology training. We would like to thank DotConnectAfrica for their initiative aimed at empowering more women to engage in STEM and related careers. We can’t wait to see our training empowering more and more girls with the soft & programming skills.

For all the ladies, yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose, so lets all be part, STEM has space for us all.” Ms Mbawomye Justine (Project Manager, KampaBits Uganda)

KampaBits; Is a youth based organization that exists to positively change the lives of vulnerable youth in Uganda by improving their access to productive employment as well as their ability to cope with their social environment through creativity and innovation. Read more

Ace Communications, The Gambia (One Thousand United States Dollars (1000 USD) category)

“We are pleased to be recipients of the Miss Africa Seed Fund. The Fund will play a role in supporting our initiative to engage and enlighten young Gambian girls in ICT while building their confidence to pursue future careers in STEM. Thank you” — Mrs. Fatim Badjie, (Ace Communications Executive, The Gambia)

Ace Communications Executive (ACE) will train students from all seven (7) regions of the Gambia in introductory topics. Students will be selected from each region, after which they will travel to the West Coast Region to attend the camp with a counselor, a social protection worker and a teacher from each region.

The total duration of the camp will be two (2) weeks. The methodology in use will be an incorporation of interactive lab activities, presentations and workshops to further enrich their camping experience and enhance their knowledge of ICT. Read more

BasaliTech, Lesotho (One Thousand United States Dollars (1000 USD) category)

“It is so amazing to see the smiles on these young girls’ faces when they run their first program, launch their first website or even interact with computers for the first time. BasaliTech is honoured to have been recognized and deemed worthy by the Miss Africa Seed Fund among so many initiatives and supported to continue making such an invaluable impact to Lesotho’s community.

This comes at a time for the 4th Industrial Revolution where we need to equip the nation with relevant skills to thrive in an era where technology dominates while also contributing to the sustainable development goals and helping these young girls secure their futures through STEM training and mentorship” – Setsoto Hlohlomi, BasaliTech Cofounder

BasaliTech aims to bridge the gender gap and increase female participation in science, technology, engineering and technology (STEM) through science and technology training and mentorship. Read more

Kumasi Hive, Ghana
(Winner of the 2018 Miss.Africa Digital Grand Seed Fund Prize)

“It has been established that the marginalization of women in participation in the digital economy will further deepen the inequity and injustice in social economic development challenges facing women. Gender equity is crucial for human development, economic growth, and population health.

This growing digital gender divide can perpetuate high levels of poverty by limiting women’s access to information and services for health, job opportunities, safety and education for both themselves and their families. For women with access, patriarchal and cultural practices continue to limit that extent to which women can fully exercise rights to privacy, free expression and access to information.

As such, We (Kumasi Hive) through its Bridge the Gap initiative is excited about this opportunity the opportunity to impact more girls and to work together with Miss Africa Seed Fund/DCA Trust on developing the critical mass of competent female skilled personnel, innovators & entrepreneurs through practical skills training, problem-solving skills and leadership training using digital technologies.” –Ms. Sandra Juliet Ahiataku ( Bridge the Gap/ Operations Associate -Kumasi Hive)

Malshini Senaratne founder ‘Full STEM Ahead! Seychelles

Full STEM Ahead, Eco-Sol Seychelles
(Winner of the  2018 Miss.Africa Digital Country Category)

“Eco-Sol is delighted to have it’s ‘Full STEM Ahead!’ initiative from Seychelles selected from an overwhelming 350 applications across Africa.

We are grateful to the Miss.Africa Seed Fund team for believing in our project and choosing to support us in this fantastic manner.” – Malshini Senaratne, Eco-Sol (Seychelles)

CRNS, Tunisia,
(Winner of the  2018 Miss.Africa Digital Country Category)

“I am absolutely very delighted to have been selected for this award and I would like to give recognition to my fantastic team who will contribute to the event success. Furthermore, Everyone at INTELLECT-Team at Digital Research Center of SFAX is enthusiastic about getting this award that will enable us to implement and concretize the 1st IoT Joint Program to African Young Women.

Miss Africa Seed Fund award boost us to give more and more to the young scientist women and to go ahead to participate actively in promoting and inspiring young women to STEM and emerging technologies.

On behalf of all the young ladies that we involved in our event, we express our great gratitude to Miss.Africa Seed Fund.” – Lamia CHAARI, the principal investigator of 1st IoT Joint Program to African Young Women 

The Abocoders, Nigeria
(Winner of the 2016/17 Miss.Africa Grand Seed Fund Prize)
”Everyone at AboCoders is excited about receiving this award. We are excited not because of the money in itself  but because of what the award represents. It represents opportunities of a better life for our beneficiaries. Working in an underserved region where things seem not to get any better can be a bit discouraging but we work always to retain the hope whose flames have been made brighter by  this award.
At AboCoders, we count our success in lives and with this award we will be able to reach more lives and open more opportunities for them to get a better life. We are  thankful to the Miss.Africa Seed Fund team for believing in our vision and choosing to support us this way.  On behalf of all the young ladies that we serve and represent, we say thank you to the Miss.Africa Seed Fund!!!”   – Ms. Simi Olusola, Abocoders program director

Bahir Dar University STEM Center, Ethiopia
(Winner of the  2016/17 Miss.Africa Country Category)

“There is Wisdom at the source of the Blue Nile” – Mr Berie Getie, Director at the Bahir Dar STEM Incubation Center

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The Ubongo Game Lab, Zambia
(Winner of the  2016/17 Miss.Africa Country Category)

”Ubongo Game Lab is pleased to announce that we have been selected
to receive second prize for the 2016/2017 cycle of the Miss.Africa Seed Fund Program, an initiative by the DotConnectAfrica Trust, for our Games Plus Girls initiative.  This grant is one of many awards given to support women and girls in STEM fields to expand initiatives that will increase digital opportunities for women in IT related training, jobs & leadership roles. Through this grant and with the support of our local partners, we are anticipating significant growth for our next bootcamp & the events leading up to it”Ms. Sithembile Ncube, Ubongo Game Lab Director

eMobilis, Kenya
(2015 Miss.Africa Seed Fund grand prize winner )
”We are thrilled to learn that we emerged as a finalist and winner of the inaugural 2015 Miss. Africa Seed Fund. Thank you to DotConnectAfrica Trust for directly supporting eMobilis Mobigirlz initiative and awarding us with the grant to improve technology literacy and education among girls while strengthening their stance in the tech field.
We believe that for us to drive tech progress in Kenya and Africa as a whole we need to put girls in the driver’s seat and empower them to reach their full potential.
We are very excited to work with DotConnectAfrica in this partnership.”- Ms. Nancy Wanjira- Mobigirlz Program Manager, eMobilis.

Pycon, Cameroon
(Winner of the 2015 Miss.Africa USD 1000 prize)
”We are very very grateful to receive this good news. It is with much pleasure and gratitude that we have to write this letter thanking your organization for supporting our efforts by women. I wish to thank you once more and to inform you that this money is going to help us greatly in our movement. ”- Mr. Ngangsi Richard, Pycon Cameroon


Pyladies Antananarivo, Madagascar
(Winner of the 2015 Miss.Africa USD 1000 prize)

”On behalf of Pyladies Antananarivo and Django Girls Antananarivo Team, we would like to thank DotConnectAfrica Team for their support. Without the Miss.Africa Initiative, we didn’t have the courage to achieve this first workshop….Let me personally tell you that the prize gave me partly the boldness, and the courage to discuss with my CEO and ask for advice and help concerning the workshop initiatives.
Yay!  It’s awesome :). Thank you so much for your support,  I hope that it would not be the first and last award from Miss Africa Seed Fund. This is indeed my first experience in asking funds for a specific project.  It is plain that willingness and tech skills is not enough to promote women in tech. ”- Tech MDG / Pyladies Antananarivo, MDG, Ms. Aina Anjary Fenomamy R