The DCA Trust, Miss.Africa Digital Seed Fund has thus far benefited 15 organizations in Africa, here are our 2022 winners.
Based on Science Guidance and Technology (BSGT), South Africa (Winner of the 2022 Miss.Africa Digital Grand Seed Fund Prize)

Winner of the 2022 Miss.Africa Digital Grand Seed Fund Prize“With this award winning support, we can now be able to assist as many women/girls as we can, with a proper and quality working environment which has relevant working resources/kits. 

It will simply mean that it’s not just BSG and Technologies that won the award but the whole South African women/girl child at large, our victory is their own and their benefits, hence we always say that “alone we are weak and can easily break,but united we stand strong, WOMEN POWER” – Ms Thando Gumede, (Chief Executive Officer, BSG and Technologies, South Africa)

BSG and Technologies CPS offers supportive and inspirational environments for young curious minds to learn and grow with us. Our passion for learning means we achieve more than outstanding results. We strive to cultivate self-assured and creative thinkers and to provide an education that is truly relevant to their future. We are an early learning academy, our learners starting programming and robotics from as early as grade R. Our students walk out with the character and confidence to make their mark in this digitalized world, equipped with the knowledge and real-world skills that take them way ahead in the industry they may serve. Read More

Pamtech Designs and Systems, Zimbabwe (One Thousand United States Dollars (1000 USD) category)

Winner of the 2022 Miss.Africa Digital Grand Seed Fund Prize“In terms of employment, we will be able to empower more women to earn a respectable living through the work of their hands in technology.” – Ms. Paloma Muzoma, Co-Founder (Pamtech Designs and Systems, Zimbabwe).

Pamtech Designs and Systems is a creative ICT Consultancy dedicated to the development and optimisation of high-impact websites, graphics, digital marketing, web and mobile applications that fuel competitive advantage and revenue growth.  They also educate and train young girls, at an early stage, to identify problems and try solving them using technology like IoT, coding and graphic design. This also keeps the young ones from doing bad things on the internet like watching adultery stuff, cyberbullying and drugs and street crime by keeping them occupied with something that they can also potentially benefit from. Read More

The Clicking Generation, Botswana  (One Thousand United States Dollars (1000 USD) category)

Winner of the 2022 Miss.Africa Digital Grand Seed Fund Prize“The Miss.Africa Digital Fund will go a long way in helping us on our mandate to leave no one behind, especially at a crucial time when economies have been hit by COVID-19. We have to date reached over 15,000 kids and teens in Botswana through our programs that include: robotics, coding, technology-mentorship and Girls In ICT clubs.” Tsaone Gaborone – Co-founder – The Clicking Generation, Botswana 

The Clicking Generation, – ICT Academy for Kids and teens is a social enterprise that offers computing and technology curriculum to kids and teens in both urban and rural areas of Botswana. Our curriculum offers STEM and technology-related exploration to underserved learners who are future technology creators of socially relevant ICT solutions. Early child technology education is key if young innovators are going to become global player in the digital economy. Read More