Testimonials by Miss.Africa Inductees

This page comprises of the testimonials from Miss.Africa Inductees:-

Ms. Judith Moraa, Chuka University

Nothing builds me both professionally and intellectually like a platform to just grow and expand my knowledge in a field where most people consider a ‘Man’s world’. And this is just what the Miss.Africa Digital/DCA internship offered me. Honestly, I can proudly say the kind of ICT knowledge I acquired during this internship, has taken me places. And looking back, I appreciate everyone who was instrumental during this great transition. This is a part of my career that I will always be proud for. Flying the Miss.Africa digital flag high!”

Ms. Linda Wawira, Multimedia University

“There are so many people trying to discourage women and tell them that they can’t make it.What girls and women need is someone to remind them that the future is theirs for the taking, someone to show them the way. That is why it was so inspiring to work with Miss.Africa.  Miss.Africa is not only telling women that they can do it but also equipping them to do it through the Miss.Africa Seed Fund. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I will never forget.”

Ms. Linda Ayodi, Strathmore University

“The Internship opportunity was eye opening as I got to learn about technology and innovation in Africa and the youth opportunities in Africa. Miss.Africa is a very future proof program that I would encourage other young women to participate in since I was mentored well. More over I got an opportunity to relate to what I had learnt in class theoretically in a real work environment. I will say YES! To Miss.Africa”

Ms. Bernice Wangu SBS

“Participating in the Miss.Africa program has been very instrumental in connecting me to the very essence of ICT’s and its immense potential. I came in quite green but have grown through the mentorship and opportunities for personal improvements that I have been accorded unreservedly. I will be a proud ambassador of this profound project”