Winners: 2016/17 Seed Fund

Gallery and Comments by Miss.Africa Seed Fund Winners

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Nigeria: 2016/17 Inaugural $5000 Grand Prize Seed Fund Winner AboCoders

The Abocoders initiative is located in the Northern Region of Nigeria. The startup  headed by Ms. Simi Olusola, purposes to provide secure & sustainable livelihoods for young women in Northern Nigeria using ICT training with an emphasis on software development as a means of empowerment.

Abocoders Training from the Northern Region of Nigeria

Simi Olusola, the Abocoders program  director said;

“Everyone at AboCoders is excited about receiving this award. We are excited not because of the money in itself but because of what the award represents.

It represents opportunities of a better life for our beneficiaries. Working in an underserved region where things seem not to get any better can be a bit discouraging but we work always to retain the hope whose flames have been made brighter by  this award.

At AboCoders, we count our success in lives and with this award we will be able to reach more lives and open more opportunities for them to get a better life. We are  thankful to the Miss.Africa Seed Fund team for believing in our vision and choosing to support us this way.

On behalf of all the young ladies that we serve and represent, we say thank you to the Miss.Africa Seed Fund!!!”

The Bahir Dar University STEM Center, Ethiopia
The Bahir Dar University STEM Center in Ethiopia seeks to provide a challenging learning environment in  Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, which maximizes individual potential. This ensures that young students especially girls, are well-equipped and prepared to meet the challenges in the world around them.

Mr Berie Getie, the Director at the Bahir Dar STEM Incubation Center  said;

“There is Wisdom at the source of the Blue Nile”

Bahir Dar University STEM Center students in Ethiopia

Bahir Dar University STEM Center students in Ethiopia

The Ubongo Game Lab, Zambia
The Ubongo Game Lab which is led by Ms. Sithembile Ncube is a community technology startup based in Lusaka Zambia, one of the fastest-developing cities in southern Africa with fast growing infrastructure sector. The Lab is focused in gaming technology and it’s use within Zambia. It trains women and girls on how to create games using basic programing languages. The Game Lab is mentored by Mr. Lukonga Lindunda, the co-founder and Executive Director of BongoHive, Zambia’s first and only Technology & Innovation Hub which houses the Ubongo Game Lab.

Ubongo Game Lab in Zambia

Sithembile of Ubongo Game Lab, Zambia said;

“Ubongo Game Lab is pleased to announce that we have been selected to receive second prize for the 2016/2017 cycle of the Miss.Africa Seed Fund Program, an initiative by the DotConnectAfrica Trust, for our Games Plus Girls initiative.

This grant is one of many awards given to support women and girls in STEM fields to expand initiatives that will increase digital opportunities for women in IT related training, jobs & leadership roles.

Through this grant and with the support of our local partners, we are anticipating significant growth for our next bootcamp & the events leading up to it”