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The Clicking Generation, Botswana – a 2022 Miss.Africa Digital Seed Fund Winner wants to help young female entrepreneurs with digital skills

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2022 Miss.Africa Digital SEED-FUND Winners

Miss.Africa Digital Program recently caught up with Ms. Tsaone Gaborone – Co-founder – The Clicking Generation, – ICT Academy for Kids and teens is a social enterprise that offers computing and technology curriculum to kids and teens in both urban and rural areas of Botswana. Our curriculum offers STEM and technology related exploration to underserved learners who are future technology creators of socially relevant ICT solutions. Early child technology education is key if young innovators are going to become global player in the digital economy

1. Can you tell us about this project that has applied for the 2022 Miss?Africa Digital Seed Fund Awards?
Digital Marketing Bootcamp is a 5 days intensive workshop on digital marketing skills for young out-of-school girls in Maun who are entrepreneurs concentrating on cybersecurity(being safe online and being a good online citizen), digital marketing tools (WhatsApp tools, facebook tools, google tools including email and drive), creating online content (youtube, canva, powtoon, website) and lastly pitching your business idea, writing reports and proposals.

2. What are some of the challenges you are trying to address with your project?
In our country Botswana, most young women are single parents with no qualification to obtain good-paying jobs as unemployment is quite high even for degree holders. These young women take care of their families through door-to-door selling, selling on streets, and using their talents such as Arts (singing, dancing, drawing), cooking, fashion design, and hair plaiting. With the world now moving into the technological space, most of them find their businesses dying because they don’t have the skills to use Digital Marketing to their advantage.

3. How are you bringing innovative approaches to these problems?
Marketing is becoming more and more digital in recent years. In the past, marketers relied on traditional advertising and email marketing to reach their audience. Today, they have more opportunities to go digital with various platforms such as mobile apps and website design. It’s also helping smaller companies break into the market faster than ever before and as such these skills can be learned by anyone without even going to school to do a course.

4. How does it feel to gain international recognition for your work?
Running a social enterprise in Africa is quite difficult, especially finding resources as the impact usually outweighs the profits. Most of the time, we look at vulnerable groups that can not afford to pay for the services. Being recognized internationally for the work we do is motivating and validates the purpose of the organization and we are honored to be recognized by Miss Africa Digital in particular as it deals with women and girls’ empowerment.

5. Can you explain why skills for women in tech are so important?
The world is moving into a technological hub where we see technology being used in our everyday lives. The lack of women in these spaces means that developed solutions lack the feminine side or do not represent women and girls in particular. This contributes to gender inequality and no representation of women in spaces where their voices need to be heard.

6. What in your opinion should be done to address the digital skills gap in Africa?
Technology should be taken to women in their respective comfortable spaces where it doesn’t take them out of their comfort zone. Women should feel part of the revolution and actively contribute. Reaching out to people at their own level of comprehension should be the first mandate showing women how technology can influence their cooking business or their singing talent instead of trying to make them mechanics would go a long way in closing the digital skills gap.

Ms. Tsaone Gaborone – Co-founder – The Clicking Generation, Botswana

The Clicking Generation,  – ICT Academy for kids and teens is a social enterprise that offers computing and technology curriculum to kids and teens in both urban and rural areas of Botswana. Read More

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