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Welcome to the Miss.Africa Digital Alumni and their communities! We are thrilled to have you here.
By joining our community, It is clear that you are Young and Techie but a little sassy and a whole lot of Extra!
Our Fam is all about people like you.
Thanks a bunch for allowing us provide you with the resources you need to succeed in STEM fields and become a Boss Babe while at it!
Why join The FemPower Forum….
The FemPower Forum is here to Champion for IoTs in Africa.We think African girls and women, especially the Techie ones are nothing short of brilliant and we want to help them unlock their Superpowers…by providing them with all the resources they need to Wow the world with thought-provoking, inspirational & Impactful Technological Innovations.
How do you become a Boss Babe?
By joining our community, we give you access to:
Networking OpportunitiesWhether you are looking for a mentor, or looking for your next career steps, we have catered for all your networking needs.
Fight for Inclusivity:As we rebuild the Tech industry, uncover and learn how you can play an integral piece in the wider restructuring of a more inclusive industry that is gender-conscious.
Career Development Opportunities:Immerse yourself in our DCA Digital Academy to enhancing your soft & technical skills, from presentations to workshops to internship opportunities. We are committed to developing the next Generation of Tech Leaders.
Watch the Video below and learn how you or anyone within your squad can take part in our eHealth essay writing competition:
A monthly roundup of resources :

Get updates from our online publications which highlight business, technology trends, technology investment opportunities & innovation all at the touch of a button.
Get Curated News from our trendy, up-to-date DCA Digital digest which gives informative news on whats happening in the world.You don’t want to miss this!
Get Inspo from Techie Boss Babes all over the world taking the Industry by storm ! Let them dazzle you with their brilliance, but most importantly , let them inspire you to be Unapologetic in the pursuit of Greatness.
Get tips to ensure both your personal life and professional life are dope.
Get Info on what’s happening in the World of Women in Tech. You know what they say right? Girls run the world!
You are officially a part of the dopest Terrific Techie Squad around the block. Be our ambassador and share these fantastic deets with your tribe too!
We are also excited to hear from you…..How are you holding up? Is your mental well-being okay? We would love to hear the steps you are taking to preserve your sanity especially during this period of #lockown and #Covid19. Do send us an article or a video on and we will feature it as a guest post during our next release in a month’s time.This is your moment of glory! The Tribe cannot wait for you to shine!
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