Honor International Women’s Day.

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Today is one of the greatest days for Women worldwide where women of all races, cultures and status get to be celebrated.
This year’s theme is, “I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights”. We want you to take a moment today to honor those women who you hold dear in your lives now and those in your memories.
In celebrating this year’s theme above and International women’s day, our pioneering women-in- tech Miss.Africa Digital,is happy to announce that we are also doubling up our training opportunities on STEM for women and girls. We will be conducting this through DCA Academy to further empower and prepare more women and girls with skill-sets for the modern work place.  
To achieve this high goal, DCA Academy has partnered with key tech companies in Kenya and the local universities to increase our delivery.
Should you be interested in this program, we ask you to please apply hereWe look forward to hearing from you.  
May all women be free to dream, express, create and Live their deepest heart’s desires -Amethyst Wyldfyre.
Happy International Woman’s Day!fromMiss.Africa Digital

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