Quarterly Tedbits: “THE WOMAN’S ISSUE”

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Celebrating the End of Women’s History Month

“There is nothing like knowing you have a real opportunity to affect the future in a positive way .”–Tisha Johnson 
  As we conclude the celebration of “Women’s Month”  I have never witnessed globally so much voices and platforms that  supported Women.

Personally, I made extra effort to recognize and support women this month, from donating to girl scout cookies to attending various women centered events including hosting visiting mother-daughter team from Kenya in my town, celebrating outings with few women friends, and hailing to every women I encounter on my way, from the grocery store to crossing the street, a Happy Women’s month, so as they remember to smile and celebrate their self worth. I also tweeted, circulated articles and quotes by women. 

Sophia Bekele, Founder of
Miss.Africa PanAfrican Foundation
My actions are in support of my affirmation of commitment to 2016, a year I themed as “Year of The Women”.  Women have become more independent, smart, accomplished, finding the ir new found roles and using it to push the limits of their opportunity confidently and with a great sense of responsibility, and care.  And let us not forget women are also leading by exampl e.

The world is stirring. The world is awakening to the force
that is a woman.

Policies are being changed and made in favor of women, more female CEOs are being appointed, the representation of women in governments is increasing and the number of girls enrolled in all levels of education is rising each and every day.      Women issues are no longer being discussed in dark corners
and hushed tones

No.  Today, women issues are being trumpeted by governments, activists and women groups in public and in loud voices. This is due to the realization that women contribute a large majority to the development of the world amidst grave challenges and that often, their efforts go unnoticed and unrecognized. This is changing.

Last year, through the recently launched Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), women were recognized.   The world told women, “We acknowledge your effort”.   Goal 5 of the SDGs calls on governments to end all forms of discrimination against women and girls, end violence and harmful practices, recognize the unpaid care work that falls disproportionately on women, get more women into leadership positions and ensure women can uphold their reproductive rights. This change however should move past mere policy making to actual implementation. That was the key message of the recently held Commission on the Status of Women (CSW). Activists preparing for the Commission said that world leaders should back up their pledge to end gender inequality with concrete commitments on how they plan to empower women. It was realized that crucial to achieving women empowerment goals was the need to support women groups which were seriously underfunded. It is this globally shared belief of economically empowering girls and women, and in a concurrent celebration of this year’s Women’s History Month, that our pan-African foundation, Miss.Africa Seed Fund lend  financial support up to USD7,000, in a competitive achievement award to those initiatives in Africa that support women in technology.  Announced as a yearly program in July 2015, we received over 90 applications   from all across the Continent all gunning to receive financial grant. As the world awakens to the true power of women, myself and my team at DCA Trust are proud to be heralding the change with our actions.    It is indeed the Year of The Women and what a great start it has been!
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