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If one is determined and committed to excel in ICTs nothing can stop them – Liphoto, Trainer – BasaliTech

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Kekeletso Liphoto speaks of her experience of offering training on web development at the BasaliTech Miss.Africa Digital sponsored training. BasaliTech provides affordable opportunities for women and children interested in learning science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), from relevant applications and gadgets to software development, electronics and robotics, through in-person classes, workshops, seminars and community support. Below is the conversation

Highlight your general experience with the Miss.Africa Digital Seed Funding

First, I was impressed by the creation of multiple opportunities the Miss.Africa Digital seed funding offered to young girls. The session in overall was my personal highlight as web development and offering training on web development was one of my key strengths. Therefore, I was enticed to mentor as the coding sessions were very impressive. In general, I found the idea of giving quizzes and posing interactive questions to the attendants helpful and interactive. I enjoyed the socializing even more as lunch and break periods created a common environment for everyone mostly the closing ceremony where prizes were awarded as it highlighted inclusivity and inspiration. Altogether MADS funding gave young girls a fruitful week of various positive impressions.

What moment(s) were most challenging through the training

The equipment provided for training was limited leading to groups of people with various experiences and exposure to technology so while some students were tech-savvy, it was a hustle for some to adjust and keep the momentum. However, this helped those with little computer experience

How did the Miss.Africa Digital Seed Fund enhance BasaliTech Lesotho’s initiatives and activities of supporting girls in STEM?

Providing an opportunity for girls to learn web development for free and making sure everyone from different backgrounds with different capabilities and interests is given a fair chance to explore the technology world with full support provided was really the core necessity to open doors of growth and success for BasaliTech

Give us a successful instance at BasaliTech Lesotho when the Women in STEM flag was flown high.

Code Diva’s Camp, my training experience at this camp was incredibly amazing.  I put my entire heart and soul into creating amazing experiences for the ladies whom I mentored, and therefore I can only assure everyone to work with the very best organizers to make sure the vision of creating a gender-equal world is delivered.

The camp was professional, polished, and the organizers were always in control of every detail throughout the week.  The girls were motivated and energized and for them to be around each day of the week, was as cool and calm as you would want to instill confidence and believe in succeeding in STEM fields and those inevitable times when things don’t go quite well, one should be inspired to carry through.  If women empowerment and flying the women flag are an important part of your life and business, you truly could work with no one more accomplished and skilled than BasaliTech.

Outline your take on the future of women technology in Africa/Globally? And a message to other girls who would want to venture into ICT Careers.

In a country full of gendered expectations and perceptions, we should strive to be good role models to the girls and young women who are still struggling and undecided about what kind of career they should pursue. The message I would like to send to girls and young women is that one must decide what she wants to be and do in the future career-wise. Apart from being socialized positively to excel, we urge that girls need to be focused and passionate about what they want to do. With the mainstreaming of ICT in various development sectors, if one is determined and committed to excel in the ICT sector nothing can prevent them from doing so.


Miss.Africa Digital Voices is a regular online journal that presents women in tech experiences, opinions and observations. These stories come from DotConnectAfrica Internship Alumni and other Women who are leading the tech-preneurship fronts in their own ecosystems. The Miss.Africa Voices also serves to encourage more girls & women to get involved in STEM careers through our Miss.Africa Digital Program.

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