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My internship period at DotConnectAfrica. Leonida Moraa

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a) How is your internship experience so far under DCA Corporate Booth Camp?
It is a rewarding experience, I am not only able to learn new skills, but to bring in my knowledge. The Internship experience in DCA has allowed me to get to know what I wanted, I have exceeded my expectations and I am still learning more.

 b) As a candidate for the DCA Corporate Booth Camp how did it enhance your perceptions of the involvement of the youths in Technology?
DCA corporate Booth Camp has highly motivated me and empowered me with the knowledge and skills on how to contribute towards meaningful scientific, technological, and innovative solutions that will change the face of Africa.

C) Give us a professional instance at DCA that remains a landmark in your career profession.
At DCA I have enhanced my research skills
I never knew anything about SEO articles but now I am glad that I can SEO and publish an article.
I have gained Design skills and as well as editing videos using Digital Design tools
My writing skills are also enhanced.

d) Outline your take on the future of technology in Africa/Globally?
Technology will help in transforming developing countries and it will close the gap between the rich and the poor. Technology will change and improve at the highest level of development and change. Thanks to technological developments, people are multiplying and the need for human power is diminishing.

e) Any message to other women who would want to venture into ICT Careers
There is a need for stronger ties between the educational world and information technology
industries working with sustained efforts to increase the number of women in the ICT field. This will help women stay on
longer with fewer problems of adjustment. Women need to be included more in tech and the
workplace must be increasingly women-friendly. Moreover, increased facilitation and access to
amenities and services that help support women conduct their family responsibilities and work at
the same time must be ensured.

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